Physical love is an integral part of life and a link crucial to attaining personal satisfaction and happy partnership. It requires, first and foremost, tenderness and mutual trust between partners. However, one of the important factors for a fulfilling sexual life is potency i.e. a man’s sexual power.

Sexual power is of key importance not only for pleasure a man gets, but also for his physical and mental health as shown by a number of studies that have been carried out over the past ten years. These studies have undoubtedly confirmed the link between a man’s sexual power and his good health. Sexual power i.e. normal erection may differ from man to man. Among other things, it depends on age, habits and physical constitution.

Erection is a complex process, which involves several interconnected and well-harmonized physiological processes. Scents, a human touch and sounds stimulate nerve pathways in the brain creating nerve impulses. These are then transmitted though the spinal cord to the pelvis and the male sexual organ where the blood vessels dilate allowing an increased inflow of blood exactly where needed in order for a man to have an erection.

An erection requires an increased inflow of blood into the blood vessels in the penis with a simultaneously reduced outflow of venous blood. This is facilitated by the ability of arteries to expand under the influence of nitrogen monoxide (NO), which arises from the natural amino acid L-arginine. As a result, blood flows in the cavernous body of penis which stiffens. At the same time, the penile veins are compressed, which reduces the outflow of the blood. After the climax, stimulation and the inner pressure of the cavernous body are reduced, nitrogen monoxide breaks down, and the arteries start to constrict again. At the same time, compressed veins can be expanded to enable the flow of the blood from the penis.